July 28, 2021


Rates & Fees

Loan Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: 08/30/2017
Fee Schedule
Share Account Fees
Close Account within 6 months of opening date$10.00
Monthly Inactive Account Fee *$5.00
* Under $100 for 12 months with no activity, excluding child accounts
Share Draft Account Fees
Monthly Service Charge$3.00
NSF Fee (per item)$25.00
Stop Payment Fee (per item)$25.00
Photo Copy Fee (per item)$2.00
Bill Pay - with E-statementsFree
Bill Pay - without E-statements$5.00 per month
Debit / ATM Fees
Replacement Card Fee$10.00
Replacement PIN$5.00
Other Service Fees
Return Deposited Item$5.00
Incoming Wire Transfer$5.00
Statement Printout$3.00
ACH Origination NSF$25.00
Money order$1.00
CU check to Third party$2.00
Gift Cards$3.95
Travel Money Card$7.95